Tatiana Stepanova


Tatiana has started her career in the cybersecurity field in 2006, her major professional interests in cybersecurity include information security model development, penetration testing, vulnerability discovery, DLT (especially blockchain), SCADA and IoT security, security of the heterogeneous multiagent systems in the highly hostile environment.

The latter has become the topic of her PhD dissertation “Ensuring the stability of multi-agent protection systems in the hostile environment of distributed security threats” (defended as a PhD student of the “Information Security of Computer Systems” department of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University). This project was presented at the numerous international conferences (SAI, SIN, MMM).

Tatiana has published over 30 papers on various cybersecurity topics in the revised journals (in Russian and English languages) and participated in over 10 cybersecurity national and international conferences. Was one of the organizers of the cybersecurity conference and CTF (capture-the-flag) contest in 2013 and 2014.

Worked as an Associate Professor at the Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University and as a cybersecurity analyst / tech lead in the cybersecurity company.

Content design and visual storytelling

After almost 10 years of constant practice, learning how to communicate the sophisticated highly technical ideas for different target audience in a clean and clear way, Tatiana started the presentation design business – przntPerfect (https://przntperfect.com). przntPerfect’s goal is to help tech startups, innovative small businesses and professional speakers to frame their stories and deliver the message through the insightful visuals. Specialized in revealing the inner structure of comprehensive data-heavy concepts and compiling them into the clear audience-focused documents and presentations.

In the typical workflow, Tatiana uses the common presentation software (MS PowerPoint and Keynote), prepares the visuals in Adobe Illustrator / Sketch / Photoshop, work with data in Tableau and RawGraphs, involves R and geospatial data analysis, if necessary.